10 min away from the Machu-Picchu - Ollantayambo train

Pututu Bar & Restaurant

We offer a unique dining experience with dishes inspired by the rich local tradition and a breathtaking view of the natural surroundings. It is the ideal place to enjoy a cosy atmosphere, handcrafted cocktails and culinary delights in an idyllic setting.

Our chef's special​

Our menu changes daily depending on the season and the freshest ingredients on offer. Choose between our vegetarian or animal protein dishes.

We also offer


Ceviche de tarwi
Saltado de hongos y verduras
And more seasonal options


Alfajores de chirimoya
Platanitos flambeados con helado
Piña glaseada con helado
Bloque de cacao
Chuncho Postre con café
Native potato mousse

Ask for our daily special!

Organic Peruvian Cuisine

Is set in a greenhouse where we partially grow some of our products. We have a zero-mile policy, so ingredients are sourced locally based on the seasons. At las Qolqas we pay homage to this tradition of agriculture by growing our crops organically, or by sourcing them from farmers who also do so.

Delight your palate with our organic peruvian cuisine. Our restaurant concept will offer you incredible views of the surrounding mountains and the best of Peruvian Andean cuisine. Our menu will change daily based on what our chef can find in local markets and those of our neighbors.

Try the Pisco Sour

Our Bar Specializes in Peruvian Liquors

Taste an Aguaymanto Sour (Golden berry), Chilled Olluco wine (a local potato variety), or a Purple Corn Whiskey. Quench your thirst with locally brewed beers. Or simply warm up with infusions made from a wide variety of locally grown herbal teas.

Pututu´s Trout Ceviche (Serves 2)

Trout Ceviche Ingredients

200 g. fresh trout fillet cut into small pieces

50 g. sliced red onion

1 limo chili pepper

30 ml “leche de tigre” (fish fumé, mixed with limo chili, some onion and squeezed lime juice)

30 ml lime juice

Minced cilantro, salt and pepper

Boiled Andean corn kernels

Toasted Andean corn kernels

1 Sweet potato and orange pureé

1 Lettuce leaf


How To Prepare Trout Ceviche

Mix the trout pieces with salt, pepper, minced cilantro and the strips of red onion together with some ice, so you can keep the fish and onion fresh under low temperature. Add the “leche de tigre” and the lime juice already squeezed. Incorporate the sweet potato pureé in the plate on one side, and next to it place the lettuce leaf. Aggregate the trout mix over the lettuce leaf and spread the juice mix over the trout. Add the boiled corn kernels and the toasted ones .Optionally you can decorate with some typical Andean potato chips or comestible flowers.

Enjoy this wonderful and special meal!

What is Pututu


Our restaurant is named ‘Pututu’ after the conch used in the times of the Incas to call out to the Apus (sacred mountains) and Deities. It also honors our local Apu: Pututuyoc Orco.

pututu shell at hotel las qolqas ecolodge peru


Inmerse yourself with nature and fresh appetizers

Our Eco-Lodge has some of the most impressive views of the Sacred Valley. Enjoy them while savoring a picnic, specially conceived for our guests to enjoy a unique experience that does justice to our place.

Make the most of our Tours and Treks by including a lunch box with food that is tailored to your needs and exceeds your expectations. Most of our hiking activities include stops at scenic spots where you can relax, enjoy scenery with delicious and healthy meals