10 minutes away from the Machu Picchu train, with hourly shuttle service provided.

Hike to Perolniyoc Waterfalls & Fortress

Hike to the waterfalls and the fortress of Perolniyoc, Visit the picturesque town of Huarocondo and the mystical portal of Ñaupa Iglesia




Departure from Las Qolqas Eco Lodge at 7:00 am. We will take you to the village of Soqma. From there we will walk for an hour to the 80 meters waterfall of Peroliyoc. After enjoying a subtropical microclimate and the spray of the waterfall, we will walk for about an hour to the Fortress at the top of the waterfall. This little-visited archaeological site was restored in 2013 and offers a fine example of Inca architecture. Combining agricultural terraces with irrigation canals, military and religious enclosures. The site also offers stunning views of the valley.

Perolniyoc was strategically located to protect the pass west of Ollantaytambo and remained in use after the Spanish conquest. After visiting the fortress, we will descend back to Soqma, where we will go to the town of Huarocondo. Here, here, at the sumptuous plate of suckling pig, tamales or humitas we will enjoy at the main square.

Espectacular Perolniyoc waterfalls

This site will be particularly intriguing for those travelers who are susceptible to energy fields, as it is supposedly located on one of Earth’s power lines. The cave has a chiseled portal in one of its

walls and at the mouth of the cave there is a finely carved blue stone altar with three niches. The alignment of the niches, the angles of the stones that make up the pyramidal cave and the proportions of the sides of the portal follow impressive mathematical and astrological principles. This site is spooky and magical.