Visit to the archaeological centers of Chinchero, Maras and Moray

The Incas were great builders of agricultural and aquifer engineering, and one of the most spectacular examples is the platforms (terraces) of Maras.

We will leave at 9 am from the hotel ecolodge, and we will start the tour in the town of Chinchero, where we will appreciate the ancient city that was located there, before the Spanish conquest. After that we will visit the town of Maras, where we will visit the set of concentric platforms of Moray in the middle of the mountains. After a tour of it, we will go to the community of Maras, who extract salt from the mountain, through water channels that come out of the ground, and arrive at pools where the salt rests and can be extracted for commercialization and consumption. These salts can be used for cooking or for medicinal and beauty processes.

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