The Resort

Where is it?

Far away but close enough

Las Qolqas Eco Lodge is located two kilometers to the east of Ollantaytambo on the road to the villages of Willoq and Patacancha.  We are far enough to be surrounded by peace and quiet, yet its only a twenty-minute walk to the village and our free shuttle bus will take you to the train station to Machu Picchu in under ten minutes.

It's about people

People who care about the environment and are respectful of the traditions of the ancient cultures they visit.

At Las Qolqas eco friendly lodge, our team is also our most important partner. Everyone native from Cusco, trained under the highest hotel standards. We wear our uniform with pride and we will always do our best to offer you the most comfortable stay in a wonderful environment, to share our history, gastronomy and numerous hidden and mystical places where time has stood still and where you will experience something completely out of the ordinary.

Botanical Garden

At Las Qolqas Eco Lodge, we offer our guests a stay immersed in a botanical garden that hosts a variety of the Sacred Valley’s indigenous plants, trees and herbs. Each tent is surrounded by, and named after, an indigenous type of flower such as the Cantuta, Native Fuchsia, or Duranta Erecta.

The tents are separated by fruit trees such as Avocados, Lucumas and Chirimoyas, or by ceremonial trees such as the Queuña, Chachacomo or Sauco. The pathways are lined by herbs such as Muña (Andean mint), Lemon Grass, or Huacatay, which are used to make infusions, or as seasoning in our kitchen.

Inmerse yourself in nature while supporting an environmental conservation.
Our garden is meant to be functional and beautiful. While our guests sit in the privacy of their individual decks, they will often be visited by Giant Humming birds and their smaller cousins, which can be frequently seen feeding on the nectar produced by the nearby flowers. Kestrels, Falcons and Condors flying high above.

All of this framed by soaring Apus (Mountains), which form an integral part of the Andean mysticism, and by the Patacancha River with glacial waters from the nearby snow-capped mountains.

What are "Qolqas"

Qolqas (store houses) of Pinkuylluna, cuidad inca

What are "Qolqas"

Qolqas are Inca structures used as store houses for grains and textiles.

They played an important role in the organizational structure of the Inca empire.  The Incas believed in collective effort and re-distribution.  They built Qolqas along their main urban centers in order to enable their administrative system.  Ollantaytambo is home to some very fine examples of these buildings such as those in Pinkuylluna, perched above the village.

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