The Orchard

Organic farming

Over the course of thousands of years, prior to the arrival of the Conquistadores, Peru’s ancient civilizations mastered agriculture in the harsh Andean Mountains. Amongst hundreds of varieties of plants, they domesticated for their consumption corn, potatoes, quinoa and kiwicha; They developed complex irrigation systems and landscaped the steep mountain sides using elaborate terracing techniques.

At las Qolqas we pay homage to this tradition of agriculture by growing our crops organically, or by sourcing them from farmers who also do so.

A zero-mile policy inspired us to grow seeds as close to our dining tables as possible, so we decided to make our restaurant a greenhouse. Upon germination, seedlings are transplanted to agricultural terraces that date back to Inca times. Here, our guests are invited to help pick the organically-grown produce that will make its way directly from the soil to their plates.

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