A unique destination to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Our Andean Spa is lodged between the mountain peaks of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility.

We offer the perfect space to disconnect and charge your soul.  On the banks of the Patacancha River your energy will flow, taking you on a mystical transformation.

Las Qolqas Eco Resort invites you to re-encounter the essence of healing & restoration of your body, mind and soul by means of Andean medicine.


Calmness and Serenity are the pillars we offer you for your well-being.  Immerse yourself into a deep relaxation through various exclusive massages, inspired by native rituals and natural essential oils.

Our massages

Take a break by means of a targetted massage to head & shoulders, or to your feet.  It will relax your whole body almost immediately.

Duration: 30 minutes

Relaxing Andean Massage with gentle movements and essential oils. They will release your mind as well as muscular tensions.  Revitalise your body, mind and soul.

Duration: 50 minutes / 80 minutes

A firm massage, where pressure is applied in a therapeutic context to muscles that are tense or knotted.  Release the tension and reduce the stress levels of your mind and body.

Duration:  50 minutes / 80 minutes

Align your energies and flow with a warm massage of hot stones.  They will introduce you to a profound relaxation, leaving your body, mind and would completely renewed.

Duration:  70 minutes
Price:  $ 90.00

Treatment combining ancestral traditions of Shiatsu and Thai massages.  Focusing on releasing blockages by working on energy points in your body.  Removes accumulated toxins in your muscles, improves flexibility and raises your energy levels.

Duration:  70 minutes

❤️ COUPLES Rituales ❤️

A subliminal encounter between balance and harmony.  Walk hand in hand towards disconnecting and calmness in a perfect space for two.

Relaxation and well-being through a gentle and relaxing massage.  Disconnecting is a channel towards re-connecting to your loved one.

Duration: 30 min / 50 min

Commence with a ritual of gratitude to the Apus (Mountains) and the Pachamama (Mother Earth). Then proceed with a circuit of Andean waters and finish with an open air massage, where the elements will inspire you.  Without a doubt a memorable experience that will brighten up your day.

Duration: 100 min


Body treatments provided with natural products of the region.  They nourish your skin with vitamins and proteins, helping your skin recover its elasticity and luminosity.  Wrap yourself in Andean beauty and hydration treatments, which will enrich your body and soul.

Our treatments

Natural Quinua powder and honey will sweetly hydrate and tone your skin.  The perfect exfoliation for angels’ skins.

Duration: 30 min

Active ingredients of ‘Andinosque’ provide your skin with the energy and restoration it requires.  Feel a smooth skin, rejuvenated by Maras’ salt and essential oils.

Duration: 30 min

Coffee of the Quillabamba Valley
The Valley of eternal summer is the source of a coffee recognised for its rich anti-oxidant benefits.  This treatment is especially suited to improve blood circulation and to eliminate water retention, guaranteeing a hydrated skin with its natural shine.

Duration: 30 min

Immerse yourself in a nutrient rich experience and enjoy the perfect natural mask with Quinua and honey.  Sweeten your body and recover your skin’s natural endurance.

Duration: 30 min

Andean sensation.  Discover the energising powers of the Coca leaf un a body wrap.  Feel and show the shine of this holy plant as it permeates your body.

Duration: 30 min

Profound sleep
Ancestral paste with medicinal herbs that will bring you sleep and the complete rest of your mind and body.  An experience to fill you with calmness.

Duration: 30 min


Wellness experience in our outdoor water circuit. Healing of the body through water.


Sauna, Hot-tub Onsen and Spanish shower.

Duration: 60 min

Wooden enclosure at very high temperature. Tone and cleanse your skin through sweating.

Duration: 30 min

Decongestant hot water pool with maras salts.

Duration: 30 min


Rescuing the traditions of Andean healing, we design treatments to find the balance you need, between rest and the recovery of your energy.

Harmonious ritual of Andean disconnection and cleaning that invites you to a deep relaxation, through a house massage with natural essential oils, followed by a typical flowering bath with Andean herbs and waters. Live an experience of renewal and recovery of the vitality of your soul.

Time: 70 min

Healing of the body and soul through a warm massage, combined with hot stones and herbal pindas, through simultaneous pressure maneuvers. Ideal to heal muscle aches and find tranquility in your body.

Time 70 min

Attention hours

According to our Biosafety protocols, we recommend making a reservation in advance for any Spa service. Our staff will be very attentive to your requests.

Hours of treatments and services from: Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:30 Hrs.

Considerations and protocol

We create for you the maximum health and well-being experience in each service we offer, so we recommend arriving 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment, so that you can enjoy the relaxation facilities.

For your comfort we invite you to come prepared from your room, we will take care of providing you with all the implements that you will use during your therapy.

Las Qolqas Spa does not assume responsibility for the loss of valuables during your stay at the Spa, so we recommend you leave your belongings in the safe in your room, since our Spa is located in the middle of the field.

Las Qolqas Spa is an Andean refuge that invites you to disconnect. Please, it is important to respect the silence of others. We suggest you do not use your telephone or any other electronic device, which may disconnect you from this.

CancELlation politics

If you need to cancel or modify your appointment, please contact our reception area by calling 947299499, two hours before your scheduled appointment, otherwise, 100% of the reserved service will be charged.

Also consider that if you are late for your scheduled appointment, you may reduce your service time for our next appointment.

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