Walking Trek to The Inca Fortress of Pumamarca

A shorter version of this trip (3 hours /easy hike) will consist of vehicular transportation to the Pumamarca Fortress and a hike down the Inca Trail.

Duration: 3 hs

Start time: 8am

Suitable for: All ages

Leave Las Qolqas at 9 am walking along the Patacancha River for roughly five kilometers, ascending approximately 500 meters to 3.400 meters above sea level. The trail takes you along the agricultural terraces of Musqa Pukyo and the village of Pallata. You will then commence your ascent to Pumamarca, a pre-Inca Fortress dating from roughly 900 AD, most likely built by the Wari Culture. Pumamarca is a fortified citadel on a hilltop overlooking the Patacancha valley. It is strategically positioned to defend Ollantaytambo from the Eastern approaches, which lead to the jungle.

The complex consists of Chulpas (Grain storage towers), Military observation posts, a central square flanked by buildings of religious and monarchical use and a grid-like city plan with buildings of various shapes and uses.

After about an hour of exploration in the Fortress you will commence your return journey along the Qhapaq Ñan (Imperial Inca Road), which will take you past the Inca irrigation canals and terraces of Chocobamba.

You will stop for a picnic along the way and then finish your hike at the Inca Terraces of Media Luna (‘Half Moon’), which has terraces beautifully shaped to resemble eating & medical utensils as well as tools of agricultural use.