Peruvian Ceviche: A Guide to the Diverse Varieties of this Classic Dish

Discover the diverse and delicious world of Peruvian ceviche with our guide What is Peruvian Ceviche? Peruvian cuisine is known for its complex flavours and unique ingredients, and one of its most iconic dishes is ceviche. This refreshing seafood dish is a favourite across the country and has become increasingly popular worldwide. But not all […]

The Muscle and Health Travel Awards-1/06/2022

Muscle and Health news about Las Qolqas

Our pick of the Best Hotels in the world that you need to visit this year.  Wether you´re a seasonal travel bug or you´ve decided 2022 is the year to dust off your passport, checking in to these charming and unique locations is an absolute must. Read Here

Protecting the Planet and Preserving Culture Sustainably

Group Tent

Protecting the Planet and Preserving Culture Sustainably Hotel Business Review – News  15/05/2022 As noted recently by the travel industry news site Skift: “Sustainability can no longer be an afterthought for travel companies. Those that make bold moves now to redefine how things work for a reemerging sector have the potential to become industry leaders in […]

Ollantaytambo Peru: an Inca City in the Sacred Valley

Pinkuylluna in Ollantatytambo

Ollantaytambo Perú: History and Architecture of an Inca City in the Sacred Valley Ollantatytambo Overview 1. Ollantaytambo History and Meaning        a- What is the History of Ollantaytambo?       b- When was Ollantaytambo built?       c- Ollantaytambo Meaning 2. Ollantaytambo Facts      a- Location      b- Architecture and Urban layout     […]

What is The Sacred Valley in Peru & Things To Do

Terraces of Pisac

What is The Sacred Valley in Peru? & Things To Do The Sacred Valley Peru is a stretch of the (Vilcanota) Urubamba River Valley to the North-West of Cusco.  At its South-Eastern end, closest to Cusco (Elevation: 3,400m), is the town of Pisac (2970 m) and at the North-Western extreme stands Ollantaytambo (2,790 m), which […]

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