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Qolqas (store houses) of Pinkuylluna

What are "Qolqas"

Qolqas are Inca structures that served as store houses for grains and textiles.

They played an important role in the organizational structure of the Inca empire.  The Incas believed in collective effort and re-distribution.  They built Qolqas along their main urban centers in order to enable their administrative system.  Ollantaytambo is home to some very fine examples of these buildings such as those in Pinkuylluna, perched above the village.

The Qolqas pledge

Ever since the Qolqas hotel idea came about we sought the way to make it reality in a manner  that will bring harmony and prosperity to it’s surrounding. We are grateful for this valley for accepting us and promise to take care of it. And so, we pledge to:

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