Qolqas are Inca structures used as store houses for grains and textiles. Ollantaytambo is home to some very fine examples of these buildings such as those in Pinkuylluna, perched above the village.

From the Outset our objective has been to create a resort that offers our visitors the opportunity to travel back in time and to detach themselves from their everyday lives.  We want our guests to immerse themselves in the Andean experience and to walk away feeling enriched.

We aim to do this beautiful valley justice by:

  • Offering unadulterated views of the mountains and ruins around us
  • Using minimal impact architecture, which blends with its surroundings
  • Customizing our tents to offer our guests a very comfortable stay with the highest finishings
  • Using local produce wherever possible
  • Having a no-plastic policy
  • Promoting day trips outside of the traditional tourist route
  • Employing and empowering the local population, introducing them to best practices in hospitality of international standards
  • Recycling
  • Encouraging our employees to do community work and to contribute to the wellbeing of the nearby villagers
  • Hiring and training high energy, positive people that enjoy taking care of our visitors and creating for them a personalized experience
Founder: Herman van den Wall Bake (Peruvian/Dutch)

Founder: Herman van den Wall Bake (Peruvian/Dutch)

I proudly bear two nationalities of contrasting worlds. I studied Development Economics and pursued a career in banking spanning over two decades. Over the years I have helped finance projects in many Developing Countries and have witnessed both good and bad practices. My goal with this resort is to build something truly exceptional and sustainable. Where our guests, our employees, our suppliers and our neighbours all benefit and walk away feeling the experience has enriched them.

Manager: Jesus Gisbert (Spanish)

Manager: Jesus Gisbert (Spanish)

I studied in Spain and graduated in Tourism management at a young age. I started from the bottom of the heap and learnt the importance of teamwork in order to achieve our goals: deliver unforgettable experiences for our guests and help our local community. I have lived and worked in several countries and cultures: Ireland, France, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco and now Peru. I began my career working for international groups such as Intercontinental and Hilton, where I was trained by excellent professionals. I used to spend time with other heads of departments, trying to learn the best practices and to give a hand where I was needed the most. The more I travel, the more I realize how important it is to set the example for those around me, values that were taught by my family.  I was drawn to the challenge of building Las Qolqas from the ground up and our team is passionately working to create a concept to wow our future guests. Feel free to contact me at director@lasqolqas.com.

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